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I’m Adozie Duffy. Dating & Relationship coach to high-achieving, independent women.  I used to be trapped in an endless cycle of unhappy relationships, repressed emotions, and trying to achieve my way to worthiness. Through radical accountability, self-coaching, and LOTS of trial and error I discovered the roadmap for learning how to let down my walls, tap into my intuition and have the relationship I once could only dream of.

Do you want to do the same?

The Total Woman

 The 6 month 1:1 coaching series to completely transform your relationship with yourself. Step into the woman who loves herself fully and has healthy & lasting relationships with ease. This program is a complete makeover of everything that has ever stood in the way of you having the relationship you most want with yourself & others. Are you ready for it? 

The Fearless Dater

 The 10-week dating course that teaches you EXACTLY how to trust your intuition, so that you can break out of your dead-end dating cycles & attract the RIGHT guys with ease.

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Have a better relationship with yourself, have better relationships; period.

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