Be. U. TY Podcast is Here! The podcast that will help you unveil your authentic self so you can show the world who you are confidently. In today’s episode, our host Adozie Duffy talks about her past behavior, what patterns of thinking she was creating the past year and what behavior was really for her in life. In this podcast, she’s not just focusing on mindset work but also around femininity and connecting those two things to really improve our relationship.

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“I definitely didn’t realize how much I relied on being somebody’s partner, and not in the sense that I needed a man to complete me in the sense that the role that I as a partner was so significant to me. “

“Nobody needs saving, men and women, everybody, everyone is capable of taking care of themselves.”

“I just feel really glad that I had all of the tools that helped me get through it faster, and allowed me to hold space for myself and just allowed me to let myself transform.”

What to watch for:

 01:01 – Her past behavior and patterns of thinking I was creating

 01:42 – Her story of her personal transformation

 04:32 – The two people she was dealing with before

 05:34 – The type of dating and trashness she was allowed for in her recent years

 09:19 –  Everyone is capable of taking care of themselves

 14:41 – Her self-transformation

 16:21 – The one on one unapologetic woman coaching series

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