Be. U. TY Podcast is Here! The podcast that will help you unveil your authentic self so you can show the world who you are confidently. In today’s episode, our host Adozie Duffy talks about People Pleasing. People pleasing is valuing somebody else’s approval of you so much that you act in ways that maybe you don’t want to act like or ways that you wouldn’t normally act because you are putting their approval above all else. 


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“The times I’m really talking about people pleasing, where it’s just become almost part of our identity as a lot of women, is in the subtle ways that we are constantly putting how somebody else thinks about a situation over how we think about it ourselves. ”

“You can believe that your opinion about yourself or what you want to do or what looks best on you is actually the rightest opinion that there is, because they’re just thoughts. And so why would one person’s thoughts ostensibly about you be more valuable than the thoughts that you have about yourself? ”

“The only thing that you have to start thinking about now is about how you want to show up for yourself and how you want to be the only person who can be the one to give the stamp for what’s right or wrong for you.”

“No matter what you do or say you cannot affect somebody’s emotions like that, only their thoughts can and once you bring it back to the only thing you actually have control over which is yourself. That’s where you have the most power..”

What to watch for:

 01:54 – What is People Pleasing?

 04:05 – What it means to be a woman in today’s society

 06:04 – Why do you not feel like the authority of your own life?

 09:00 – The only thing that you have to start thinking about now

 11:16 – Speaking your truth.


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