Hey Girlie!

I’m Adozie Duffy. I’m a USC Marshall School of Business Graduate & a Life & Relationship Coach to high- achieving women.

I’m on a mission to help women SLOW DOWN. To stop trying to do it all on their own. And to see the true value a partner could bring to their life, if they would just let them.

Look, I used to be where you are. Swiping on the apps, going to random bars, asking friends if they knew anyone. Half the time I was dating sporadically & unenthusiastically the other half of the time I was dating obsessively if I thought someone had “potential.”‘

There was no middle ground.

Nothing about the process was enjoyable to me, because the stakes always felt so high.
 I felt like I was always trying to prove that I was the right girl for whatever man was in front of me.

Listen Linda, I consider myself to be a fucking catch AND a feminist, yet I couldn’t shake these desperate and anxious feelings that came up whenever I was dating.

The whole thing felt bad, so I avoided it until I got gusts of random inspiration because “it had worked for a friend” & then I would stop abruptly after I encountered one too many douchebags.

But here’s the thing, if I was being honest with myself, I really wanted a relationship.

 I wanted to find my soulmate. I wanted someone to travel the world with, build a life with, and have a deep, delicious connection with. I couldn’t figure out why that was so hard to find! I mean I exist don’t I? Where the fucks my match? And if THIS is what I had to deal with to find him, was it even worth it? 

But I have to tell you something Girlie, I was going about finding my equal ALL WRONG.& I had no idea. 

Because nobody teaches us this stuff. Nobody teaches us how to properly navigate complicated relationships, how to understand and process the inevitable emotional ups and downs that come with putting yourself out there or how to ACTUALLY be yourself when you feel like so much is on the line.

 It wasn’t until I learned how to kick the bad, unconscious dating cycle I was in & become more emotionally resilient, that I started to meet & go on dates with men who ACTUALLY HAD THEIR SHIT TOGETHER.

Seriously, only about a month after I did the deep self work to become whole on my own, I met my husband. The man I genuinely believe is the love of my life. The man I would have told you just months early “didn’t exist”.

I want to help you see that it’s not the men, the dating apps, the pandemic, that are keeping you single. It’s you. (I know don’t kill me!!) I want you to understand this is actually the best news ever. Because you know what you don’t have control over? The men, the dating apps, the pandemic. But, you know what you do have control over?
(That’s right Girlie; yourself!!!) 

What my past clients have to say:

I had been working on loving and accepting myself for a few years prior to this program. Although I believed I had made progress , I was looking for an extra push and help to get me over the finish line. I wanted to truly see myself in a positive light and in a way that others saw me.My friends have seen such a difference in me since even the beginning of coaching. They’ve told me: "Your glow is not only from the outside, but within!” I can honestly say I am in love with me and who I am. I made a promise to make myself, my wants, and my needs a priority and to never settle for less than what I deserve. I can see the qualities that my family, friends, and colleagues see in me and it feels really good. I've also learned to change my thinking patterns, to be more gentle with myself, and to not let negative thoughts dictate my feelings or how I react in difficult and unpleasant situations. I have manifested a lot of good karma from being genuine, open, and accepting to the good, the bad, the positives, and the negatives that happen in my life. I witnessed so much growth within three months and I am very thankful for this experience. 10/10 would recommend!
Saroya Sandiford
Urban Planner
I had attempted to do this on my own, but it always felt too overwhelming, and I never knew where to start. Having support and guidance made it so much easier to visualize my goals. Since I began coaching I have definitely gotten feedback from friends about changes they’ve seen in me. I have close girlfriends who have referred to me as more open and forgiving of things that I previously might have had an immediate negative response to. I get comments about my confidence improving. I also get complimented on how proactive I was in making decisions to improve my life in a short period of time. The biggest change I've seen in myself is definitely my confidence. I am less likely to doubt myself, my decisions, and my abilities. I am more open to being myself in all spaces of my life. I am more open to meeting new people and creating new experiences. I have been more nurturing of the important relationships in myself, as well as more nurturing to myself. I have a more positive outlook, and I am excited about my life in a way that I hadn’t been in a long time.I would 1000% recommend!
Malaine Thorpe
Portfolio Analyst
When I started the program I felt disconnected and frustrated with myself and had a lot of anxiety about being good enough in all of my relationships. I’m typically skeptical of anyone who says they can help me 😂 but Adozie helped me before I even paid… so my expectations were I’ll try out some of these concepts just to prove this also won’t work. BUT THEN IT ACTUALLY HELPED. It’s not like other experiences I’ve had where someone’s focus was to fix me. She gives the tools, creates this safe open space and acts as the best example of kind guidance. I now know these are what I needed for growth. After just one session together I was so proud that I took care of myself. I felt better already & could see how just an ounce of relief is worth my time and money. After that session, I felt that I really could sort my life out and achieve more than I ever thought possible. The biggest change for me has been my willingness to put myself out there in ways that feel unsafe or vulnerable to me. It’s made me much more open and creative to not be constantly in a state of defensiveness… and turns out sometimes people do give a shit.
Tyne Brennan
Costume Designer
At the beginning I wasn't in a place that I wanted to be and I needed to make a change but I didn't know where to begin. I had no clear picture about what I wanted to do with my future and I wanted to gain clarity on what I wanted and how to get there. I didn't really know what to expect but I felt comfortable from the very first session. I felt like Adozie listened very carefully to my unorganized thought process and was able to pull out concrete objectives that I could work towards. It was relieving to be able to work through my thoughts and organize them into something more tangible. I felt like I could turn what I wanted to change into concrete goals that could be attained. Having Adozie there made me feel like I had to be accountable for my actions and that changed the way I thought about my goals. It kept me on track to accomplish them even if it felt slow at times. I now have a better idea of what my goals are and the steps I need to take in order to reach them. I'm my own biggest critic and I've learned to adjust the way I react to my own setbacks in a more constructive way. I've also learned how to better tackle my weaknesses when it comes to finances. It's reduced a lot of stress and makes me feel more in control of my life.
Courtney Zach
Comic Artist