Life-Changing, Honest, Amazing

At the beginning of our time together I had a terrible job, I had no ambitions or goals and just was not in the best shape. I wanted to organize every aspect of my life so I could figure out what I wanted to do with my life. I had always been skeptical about life coaching but the second I found out that Adozie was a life coach, I jumped at the offer. Adozie has been a prominent positive role model in my life and for her to help me with my life meant that I knew I would be in safe hands. When I first started, I was nervous, excited and a bit scared. I never thought I could stop procrastinating and be productive. Luckily for me, things worked out way better than I expected. One of the biggest shifts I experienced was in setting goals. Goal setting is one of the most important task for achieving anything. After I set my goals, I felt good and accountable (which is funny since it’s usually others making me feel that way.) Throughout the coaching, I learned how to stay consistent with the goals and that is something I truly never could do before. One of the biggest changes I see in myself is that I have become fearless. I have also learned how to reject my thoughts if they don’t align with reality or could negatively affect my emotions. This has helped me to see the world with a new lens and I am still learning about the world.